Permanent Bracelets

Permanent Bracelets Available! 
  • How does it work? Select your chain link style and we will attach the links around your wrist without a clasp so that it remains on your wrist without needing to be taken off and put back on. Styles will vary based on availability.
  • Can they be removed should I ever need to take them off? These bracelets can easily be removed should you ever need to have them taken off for any reason. All our bracelets can be reattached as well and include two free solders with each purchase. Should you decide you no longer wish to have it on all the time, you can then select a clasp to add and this will now make the links a more traditional bracelet that you can take on and off at your desire. Prices of clasps vary. 
  • How much does it cost? Prices vary based on link style, metal, and length. Most bracelets are around 7" in length and start @ $35 for sterling silver and gold-filled, or start @ $105 for gold. Bracelets are sold by the inch. 
  • Can I have this done anytime?   Yes, walk ins are welcome or you can also make an appointment to make sure the jeweler is in store to be able to attach the links for you. If we are having an advertised bracelet event, then they are available anytime on a walk in basis during the event times posted. 
  • How can I make an appointment? If you would like to make an appointment, call or text us at 920-261-6221 to schedule a time that works for you during our open hours. Tuesday- Friday 10am-3pm, Saturday 9am-3pm, Sunday and Monday - Closed 
  • How will I know when you will be having an event? Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and watch for our events. If you'd like to be added to a list to be contacted for the next event, text us your information at 920-261-6221 and we will let you know when we will be having one. 
  •  How can I give these as a gift? There are several ways to be able to give these as a gift to someone! Gift cards for the average wrist size would be a great option and then they could make an appointment to have one attached. You could also make an appointment ahead and surprise them with the gift once they arrive. Another way is to prepay by text and have them stop in to select and add the bracelet to their wrists.